The Company and purpose:

ROIL ENERGY, LLC is an emerging natural resource company dedicated to building investor value through the development and production of oil and gas fields.

Roil Energy partners with accredited investors to identify, develop and/or redevelop oil and gas fields with large reserves remaining in the formation but with declining production. Utilizing modern technologies and Enhanced Oil Recovery(EOR) methods, we enhance production and recover valuable hydrocarbons that would have otherwise been left in the ground.

On average 50% to 85% of an oil field’s full potential is never recovered.  As the world thrust for hydrocarbons continues to grow to over 100 million bbls of oil per day, the world needs all of the oil it can get.  We are in the business of forgotten oil and providing income opportunities for investors.

Corporate Background:

ROIL Energy, LLC., was incorporated on May 28th, 2013 under the laws of the State of Florida.   The company transitioned to a multi-member LLC in 2016 after completing a private stock offering to acquire strategic assets in line with our corporate oil and gas strategy.

Corporate Oil and Gas Strategy:

We believe that the best way for ROIL to generate value for our partners is to grow the business by identifying, acquiring and developing resource properties/projects in known producing areas within our niche operating area.  Management’s strategy includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Establish a solid cash flow foundation for low-risk oil and gas projects.
  • Purchase existing production that will be enhanced with secondary recover.
  • Seek additional leases and/or drilling prospects with low risk preferably with in-field drilling.
  • Pursue joint venturs or strategic acquisitions with significant oil & gas potential.

Contact – Josh Bengson at 850-776-2609 for more information –